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[Paragraph 1 describing the benefit of your product] Ex: Nothing matches the beauty of natural wood. But often natural wood picks leave your tone sounding lifeless and muddy. Get all the beauty of real wood without the muddy sound or high maintenance with these synthetic exotic wood design picks.  

[Paragraph 2 describing the features of your product] Ex: You'll receive a mix set that contains picks with designs of woods like Koa, Walnut, Flame Maple, Olive, Paduk, Elm, Ebony and many others. Each pick is designed to last gig after gig and not wear away. Included in this pack you'll get a variety of 10 picks, enough so when your buddies take em, you have extras. 

Get all the beauty of wood picks without the downsides. Available while supplies last! 


  • Ten (10) random exotic wood design guitar picks
  • Individually hand stamped from durable synthetic wood
  • Long lasting, non-splitting, flexible
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

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