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Escaping “Analysis Paralysis”

Good morning, good morning! Adam Nolan here. 🙂

But you can call me Zorro.

Or at least that’s what 7 year old Adam would have preferred. You see, I was going to be Zorro when I grew up. 

I loved Zorro movies. I had the mask, the hat… the sword with the little chalk bit at the tip. And of course all my neighbours knew Zorro lived in the area too! Good thing chalk wears off ;). 

So about 20 years ago, when the movie "The Mask of Zorro” came out I was all over that. It was a great. Antonio Bandarez, Salma Hayek and of course, Anthony Hopkins. 

Now I don’t know about you… but my favourite movie scenes are always the “transformation” scene.

It’s the “Rocky Climbing The Stairs” moment. The “baptism by fire”. The journey the main character has to go through to become the hero. 

And in this case, our drunken, lazy slob of a Zorro is getting schooled by the masterful Anthony Hopkins. 

Our new “Zorro-In-Training” has a goal. He's looking for revenge. But he’s not ready. If he goes after his enemy right now he’s going to end up on the “pointy end of the sword,” to paraphrase a line in the movie.

So Anthony Hopkins tells him he needs to train. He needs to practice. He needs to build his skillset and not get distracted. He’s got to stay focused if he wants to hit his goal. 

And in the movie Anthony Hopkins gives him this medallion… 

It’s called a training circle.

And he tells our Zorro-in-training that right now he’s at the outer ring. And as his skill, and talent get better he’ll move closer to the centre… 

Close to his goal. Closer to retribution. 

And it’s that “focus” that I want to talk about today.

It may have come from a silly Zorro movie I fell in love with 20 years ago, but the message is still the same today. 

In order to achieve your goals all you need is focus. 

It’s totally possible (and not even that hard) to live the “laptop lifestyle, fire your boss, be financially independent and stress free for the rest of your life. 

 You just need to focus on what is immediately in front of you. 

One foot in front of the next. Don’t get caught up with the latest and greatest plugins. Don’t plan how you're going to spend your millions. Make a plan and stick to it. 

One foot in front of the next. Because it’s slow and steady that wins the race. It’s that determined focus that helps you hit your goal.

One foot in front of the next. Keep on truckin'. Don't quit. You got this. 

I’m pulling for ya… we’re all in this together. 😉

- Adam 

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Adam Nolan

Adam Nolan is a direct response marketing consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For nearly 20 years he's sold millions of dollars of products & services for clients all around the world, written a handful of books, and personally helped hundreds of people start or grow their businesses.

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