Webinar Registration Half-Life

One of the things I noticed a few years ago when testing different webinar presentation models was that webinar registrations have a “half life”.

What I mean by that is for every 24 hours you make a registrant wait to attend your presentation you’ll loose half of them.

Webinars with the highest attendance rates are the “top of the hour” automated ones – and by a long shot too. Typically you’ll see an 80% attendance rate.

At 24 hours out, your attendance drops to 40%. At 48 hours out it drops to 20% and at 72 hours we typically see 10% or less show up to the presentation.

Most webinar hosts see an average 30% show rate – a blend of all of these numbers.

What does this tell us?

That it’s almost pointless advertising a live webinar more than 3 days out. You’re far better off to promote heavily over 3 days than once a day for a week.

Of course, nothing can beat the 80% “automated webinar” attendance rate. But automated webinars are a conversation for another day.