This Free Trick Will Boost Your Sales In Less Than 15 Minutes

Good morning, good morning everyone! I figured I’d write a short blog post because well… I haven’t really written anything in a while.

Funny enough, I’m actually dictating this post from my phone. Which makes today’s tip even more relevant. So keep reading to learn how you can boost your sales in less than 15 minutes with a quick, painless, free trick.

Whenever you write anything, take a break afterwards, wait 15 minutes and come back and read it out loud. Here's why…

When we’re taught how to read, we’re taught  to sound things out. And while this may be helpful for learning how to read, it's actually quite a hinderance when it comes to reading as an adult. The reason, we can only read as fast as we can speak. Incidentally this is how speed readers are able to read so quickly. They've trained themselves not to read out loud in their head! This phenomenon is called subvocalization.

So what happens when your customers read material that is full of grammatical errors, sentence structure problems or just doesn't flow well? It introduces friction into your writing. The more friction you have, the more likely people are to abandon your article, sales letter or post.

So the next time you write something, take a break. Go for a walk. Have a coffee. Do whatever you need to do to stop thinking about work. Then when you've had some time to relax, come back and read it out loud. I guarantee you'll find areas that can be improved. Keep in mind, the more you can get your customers to read and engage with your material the more sales you’ll make.

That's it for me today guys. Have a great day and chat soon.


7 Marketing Tips To Get Sales Now

If you haven’t heard of direct marketing, in a nutshell, it means using your marketing materials to get someone to respond to your advertising NOW, instead of later. And it's the most effective form of marketing there is.

Brand marketing = see brand may times, buy once. Direct Marketing = see an advertisement once, buy many times.

It’s a subtle distinction that will triple your sales.

Here are my 7 cardinal direct marketing rules. Run through these. Consider it a checklist. How many can you check off for your business? Every one you don't check off is an opportunity for you to make more money in your business right now.

#1 – Every ad must conform to direct response standards. What does that mean? It means every piece of advertising will have a headline, big emotional benefits and an immediate call to action. “Call now to book your appointment”, “Enter your e-mail address”, “Book a reservation”, “Buy Now!”… ANYTHING… any action that will get them closer to giving you money. STOP trying to brand your business. Every advertising dollar you spend should go directly towards getting you another customer. Branding won't get you more sales.

#2 – You MUST have a USP. Even if it’s just an “angle”. There are 100 pizza shops in town. What sets you apart? Do you have the best cheese, fastest delivery, freshest bread… heck even coolest boxes! It doesn’t matter what it is. You have to find something to differentiate yourself from everyone else. No more “me too’s”. You don’t want to be a commodity.

#3 – EVERY offer must have an upsell. The most profitable words in history are “Would you like fries with that?.” It instantly doubles your sales. It’s 1 simple question, you or your staff could ask any customer and instantly increase your profit without spending a DIME! And here’s the crazy part… no matter what you offer, no matter what the price, a large percentage of your customers will STILL buy. Always have something more expensive & something less expensive to sell.

#4 – You MUST collect customer and lead data. It is the most valuable asset your business will ever own and if you don’t have a list of your customers already, you’re throwing money away. The easiest money you will ever make is from a list of customers that have already spent money with you. Imagine this scenario for a second: You’re a restaurant owner, you get your customers to leave their e-mail address to be added to a VIP customer list with special offers. The customer receives a discount on their meal in exchange. You send out an e-mail on a Tuesday or Wed to your VIP customers saying “come in tonight and get appetizers at half off with this coupon”. Suddenly your restaurant is full on one of the slowest nights of the week because you sent 1 email. And you can do that every week, as often as you like for dine-in or takeout! Do not underestimate the power of this! It works in ANY business.

#5 – You MUST have a follow up sequence that gets them familiar with your products and encourages them to spend more money with you. This can be as simple as a monthly newsletter, or as complicated as a 2 week follow up course before prepping someone for a big expensive purchase. Either way, the more times you keep in touch with your prospect, the more likely they are to buy from you.

#6 – You MUST track every sale and every lead you get. If you don’t know where your profitable business is coming from, how do you know what to focus your advertising on? Tracking brings clarity and confidence in your decisions. No more guessing as to whether the newspaper advertising generated a profit, or if that radio spot really worked. From this point forward, track everything you do.

#7 – You will go out and GET customers. Do NOT wait for customers to come to you. “Inbound marketing” / SEO / whatever you want to call it, is a passive activity. You do the work, and then wait for the results long after you’ve done the work. Don’t do that. You’re wasting your time. Instead, focus on activities that you can do that will generate business for you NOW, not in 30,60 or 90 days. If this means you have to hustle, so be it. If that means you have to pay for advertising, that's what you do. But don’t sit around and expect magic to happen. If you want something, go get it.

… and I have one more

#8… Be accountable. This is your business, this is your ship. You steer it. If you hire a marketing agency and they give you more excuses than results. Fire them. Consider your marketing pro a general in your military, and your advertising dollars are soldiers. Every solider you send out needs to come back with at least 1 captive…. another solider (dollar). If you had a general in the military, and he kept sending his men out to battle, and they kept dying, how long do you think he would keep his job? Always hold your experts accountable. Numbers don’t lie.

If you liked this article and you're interested in getting something similar setup in your business, let me know. I'm here to help. If you haven't already seen our “How We Get Customers” presentation, it's the best place to get started. It dives into more detail on what I wrote about above and gives you “Next Steps” to start getting sales now.

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– Adam Nolan

The Coupon Campaign

In the video below you'll learn about a simple technique almost any business can use to instantly generate sales and build an asset you can advertise to for FREE at the same time. I hope you enjoy it and if you have questions, let me know. 

Book Review: “My Life In Advertising” & “Scientific Advertising” – Claude C. Hopkins

When you think of “advertising” there are certain key things that come to mind. Trial offers, free samples, coupons, etc… all marketing methods that are commonplace today.

But at one point, they were groundbreaking. Promotions as simple as “clip this coupon and mail it in” had to be invented by someone. That someone changed the face of marketing and advertising as we know it.

His name was Claude C. Hopkins (1866-1932). One of the “grandfathers” of direct marketing. In an age where most business owners were simply saying some variation of “Buy my product instead of his.”, Mr. Hopkins took a more calculated route.

Through “Scientific Advertising” (what we now call direct marketing) Claude laid the foundation for much of what we do today. Using keyed advertising he tested ideas in small local markets, perfecting his ads before rolling out nation wide.

If you’re interested in the history of advertising I highly recommend his book “My Life In Advertising”. You’ll learn about the origins of some of todays most popular brands and how they grew. You’ll learn where “industry norms”, still used today, came from. It's really fascinating stuff. 

Along the way he gives excellent advice on the basics of direct marketing. Compared to other books on the subject, this one is fairly interesting. Marketing books can occasionally be dry but hearing how Claude pulled off amazing schemes keeps you turning every page.

You’ll read about entertaining, practical “marketing” he’s used to sell very common, every day products. Whether it’s convincing a baker to bake the worlds largest cake to sell more cake mix, or forcing local stores to stock a product by telling customers to go and ask for it there, you’ll learn techniques that are not only entertaining, but useful as well.

The second half of this book is “Scientific Advertising.” Considering the age of the book and the tidal wave of followers it’s created, it’s surprisingly basic. You can really tell it lays the foundation for the entire industry to grow on. It’s simplicity may bore the seasoned direct marketer, but considering it’s importance and brevity, I still recommend it.

There isn’t much you’ll get out of it that you wouldn’t get from something like John Caples or Dan Kennedy. That being said, it’s still a “staple” that should be in your library. If for nothing more than respect of the craft.

Overall, I’m a fan of Claude C. Hopkins’ writing style. It’s simple. It’s to the point. And it’s easy to read. You’ll fly through these books and find yourself looking for others written by him in no time.

Definitely one to add to your list!

Cheers & chat soon
– Adam Nolan

How To Keep Customers Coming Back

One of the best ways to get people to buy stuff from you is to simply over-deliver whenever possible. Giving your customers more than they were expecting is a great way to keep them returning to your store or website. Who doesn’t like to receive more than they had bargained for?

So how can you over-deliver to your customers as often as possible? There are several ways you can do this while still keeping an eye on the “bottom line”. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

–> Give your customer a bonus, this could be a sample product, access to a coaching call or access to a private mastermind. Just make sure that it's something that is either A) going to lead to another sale or B) be low maintenance but with a high perceived value.

–> Offer your customer a coupon for a discount on their next purchase. This also helps to get your customers visiting your store again. You don’t have to stop at just offering a discount. You may like to offer a free sample, a consultation or a buy one get one free type of deal.

–> If you offer a service the best way to over-deliver is to get the project finished ahead of time. Beating deadlines is a wonderful way to add value to your own offers and gain lifelong customers.

–> Small gestures can go a long way in gaining appreciative customers. Sending a handwritten thank-you note in the mail is one way to achieve this. Other small gestures include sending birthday and anniversary cards out. Remember you can come up with your own anniversary ideas too.

–> Why not set up something such as a Customer of the Month or Customer Shout Out. Here you would thank your customer or highlight something they did that you appreciated?

–> Don’t forget to celebrate with your clients and customers and even fellow business owners. If they win a new contract or make a significant improvement in their business send them a small gift. This says to them that you are noticing what they are doing and are paying attention to them.

Ok… that’s all I have to share today!

Take care & chat soon
– Adam Nolan