On The Importance Of Controlling User Experience

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a really great tool called lucky orange. Well lately I’ve been using it a lot to observe interactions that visitors are having with my sales funnels. And one of the things that I’ve noticed that has been incredibly consistent across the board is how important it is to control user experience if you want to maximize conversions.

Recently I’ve been doing a test comparing a video sales page with a traditional auto webinar. Based on what is considered best practices I decided to leave the buy button available as well as give viewers the ability to fast forward and rewind the video. Below the video I included a wall of testimonials with multiple CTAs. After observing  100’s of live recordings it amazes me how consistent user behaviour is!

People click through from the email promotion, visit the page, immediately scroll down past the video, read a few testimonials, and click through to the application/purchase page. Less than 10% of the people actually click the play button on the video and even fewer watch all the way through to the CTA! 

When I compare those results with the results I get from running a traditional auto webinar, where the entire video experience is controlled, I regularly see 60% to 70% of registrants staying until the call to action point at least an hour and 30 minutes later! The stick stick rate seems to be incredible. 

It seems as though once people have registered for an event they are far more likely to attend and watch than if the same people are told to watch a video on a page.

These results have held steady across multiple offers and multiple markets now. The more you’re able to control the user experience, and the fewer options you provide, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Remove anything from your pages that isn’t exactly what you want your viewers to do right now. Give leads one option, tell them exactly what you want them to do next, and the benefits of doing it and watch your conversions increase. 


– Adam Nolan