How To Sell In Any Situation

The wonderful thing about direct marketing is that if you understand how it works, you can apply it to any product or service, in any circumstance and know it’s going to drive sales. 

It gives you the ability to generate sales whenever you’d like. And to be honest, it’s fairly easy. You just need to answer a hand full of questions and give people a logical and emotional reason to buy. Oh! And some urgency thrown in for good measure. 

“What’s In It For Me”

Let’s not beat around the bush. The primary question every potential customer is asking in their head is “What’s in it for me?” What is your product or service going to do that is going to make their life measurably better? So much so that it is more valuable than the money they’re giving you. If you can answer that question on both an emotional and logical level you’re more than half way there. 

Enter The Conversation In The Customers Head

There is always going to be a dialogue going on inside your customers head. At times it’s easier to deduce than others. But it’s always there. What is the reason they’re shopping for the solution you’re selling? Why are they doing it now? Are they shopping for an anniversary gift for their partner? Are they hobbyists looking for the latest gear? Are they preparing for a future event? 

Whatever it is they’re thinking of, play off that angle. If you’re selling engagement rings you know what event they’re being bought for and you (hopefully!) know the reason they should buy your rings! 

Using These Two Concepts Together… 

Using these two concepts together you can sell pretty much anything, to anyone, anywhere. 

It’s all a matter of looking at it through your customers eyes and entering the conversation that is already going on. What are they thinking about right now? What event or circumstance is causing them to want to buy. Frame your product within that circumstance or event, and do it better than your competition and you’ll get the sale almost every time. 

That’s it for me today guys. 

Have a great one. 

– Adam