How To Keep Customers Coming Back

One of the best ways to get people to buy stuff from you is to simply over-deliver whenever possible. Giving your customers more than they were expecting is a great way to keep them returning to your store or website. Who doesn’t like to receive more than they had bargained for?

So how can you over-deliver to your customers as often as possible? There are several ways you can do this while still keeping an eye on the “bottom line”. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

–> Give your customer a bonus, this could be a sample product, access to a coaching call or access to a private mastermind. Just make sure that it's something that is either A) going to lead to another sale or B) be low maintenance but with a high perceived value.

–> Offer your customer a coupon for a discount on their next purchase. This also helps to get your customers visiting your store again. You don’t have to stop at just offering a discount. You may like to offer a free sample, a consultation or a buy one get one free type of deal.

–> If you offer a service the best way to over-deliver is to get the project finished ahead of time. Beating deadlines is a wonderful way to add value to your own offers and gain lifelong customers.

–> Small gestures can go a long way in gaining appreciative customers. Sending a handwritten thank-you note in the mail is one way to achieve this. Other small gestures include sending birthday and anniversary cards out. Remember you can come up with your own anniversary ideas too.

–> Why not set up something such as a Customer of the Month or Customer Shout Out. Here you would thank your customer or highlight something they did that you appreciated?

–> Don’t forget to celebrate with your clients and customers and even fellow business owners. If they win a new contract or make a significant improvement in their business send them a small gift. This says to them that you are noticing what they are doing and are paying attention to them.

Ok… that’s all I have to share today!

Take care & chat soon
– Adam Nolan