Avoiding The “One Funnel Away” Trap Of Despair

“You’re Only One Funnel Away”

I’m sure you’ve heard that line before. It’s one of the most famous in our happy little online business community.

It was made famous about 5 years ago by the owner of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson.

And it may be one of the most DAMAGING, HURTFUL, DANGEROUS things any marketer has ever said.


Because the truth is – you’re not funnel away.


And while I hate to be the barer of bad news, I’d rather be a friend and tell you the truth than just try and sell you on some slick marketing software.

You see, “One Funnel Away” really only benefits one person.

Russel Brunson.

Why? Because while you’re just “One Funnel Away” you’re continuing to pay Russel Brunson (and ClickFunnels) $97 a month.

And by continuing to feed you that line – “You’re Only One Funnel Away” – it leads you to believe that the NEXT funnel is the one that will work.

It’s literally programming “shiny object syndrome” into your brain! And as we all know, chasing a new shiny object every few weeks gets you NOWHERE.

Here’s what happens. You join ClickFunnels, go through their extensive software training and are indoctrinated into the “One Funnel Away” mentality. You go about building your first funnel with certainty that it’s going to work. After all, you’re using the guru’s best software, Clickfunnels right?

But what happens very quickly is that you realize that the funnel you’re working on right now isn’t working.

So you try a new funnel. But that doesn’t work either. And then you try another, and another.

You go back to to the drawing board. You attend more of his training, buy more products and are certain that “the next funnel” is the one.

But it isn’t.

And at this point you’re several months in, have spent hundreds of dollars and are no further ahead!

And THAT is what makes “One Funnel Away” so insidious.

“One Funnel Away” is a trap to get you to continue paying for software that has you believing the only thing separating you from success is ClickFunnels.

And THAT is one hell of a dangerous cup of kool-aid to be drinking.

The fact is… you don’t need fancy expensive software.

You don’t need to unethically copy someone else's success.

You can be successful doing EXACTLY what you want to do right now.

You just need better marketing.

Whether it’s coaching, e-commerce, local brick & mortar or any other kind of product – the solution isn’t more tools.

The solution is better marketing.

So if you need better marketing, pay attention.

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Ok. That’s it for me today folks.

Have a great day!

And remember… I’m pullin’ for ya. We’re all in this together.