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Hi there, Adam Nolan here & on this page, (just a little further down), I want to share a money making strategy with you that is helping thousands of people escape their 9-5 jobs right now, make big bucks and live their dream.

This incredible cash cow requires no tech experience and can start making you money in less than 48 hours - even if everything you’ve tried before has failed!

Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions and you’ll build an income stream so stable that in order to stop getting paid, you’d literally have to shut down your PayPal account! This process is so easy it works every month, even if you don’t.

And best of all - this is one of the most proven, time-tested money makers around. In fact I guarantee someone you know is using this right now!

But before I share this amazing system with you… let me ask you something...

  • Do you feel like you never stop working but you still aren’t making enough money?
  • Do you lie in bed at night wondering how you’re going to pay the bills?
  • Are you frustrated with hearing all these “internet success stories” and just want to find something that works already!

If you answered YES! to any of the above, then this letter is for you, and what I’m about to share with you could change your life forever. You see...

In this letter are instructions on how To build an automated income stream in less than 3 hours that will pay you every single day.

I’ve discovered a system that anyone can set up in just an afternoon. And with a little maintenance you can replace your entire pay check in as little as a month!

Now, as someone who was in your shoes at one point, looking in, wondering if all this “make money online” stuff is real… I can understand your skepticism, but bear with me here.

Here's What I Discovered After 4 Years Of Testing

  • Replacing your 9-5 income… is a lot easier than you think.
  • You DON’T have to be an expert or create products.
  • You CAN build something permanent that you can rely on.
  • You DON’T need to be a technical expert.
  • You DON’T need to invest huge amounts of money.
  • Most importantly: You really CAN make a full time income and live the 4 Hour Work Week!

But don’t take my word for it… Here’s what people are saying about this method:

One of the first things that comes to mind when I hear Adam’s name, is sales funnels. I’ve known Adam for a few years now and have even had the chance to peek behind the scenes and can say the guy knows his stuff and is one of few ‘marketers’ who spend an equal, if not greater, amount of time... in the trenches and testing to see what’s working right now.

In the Affiliate Funnel, he’s put together 10 modules of content that give both a 30,000 foot view, as well as in-depth detail, anyone can use to construct a profitable sales funnel. The name is a bit deceiving, only because this info can also be used to research, create, and sell your own products, too. Even better! As usual, nothing but quality. Grab a copy now and check it out yourself...

Mike Schwenk

Have you ever thought to yourself "I really need to get some funnels setup in my business!" I know I have, but I always stopped there not knowing how to setup a proper high converting funnel. Not anymore! 

I just went through "The Affiliate Funnel" from Adam and it connected all of the dots for me about how to setup a simple, effective funnel. From niche selection, to content, to squeeze pages, to testing and tracking it is all covered beautifully. I now know exactly what to do for all of it. I even learned how the president gets killer open rates on his e-mail messages. 

Great course Adam, anybody can take this information and create high converting funnels that will make them easy money day after day after day. 

Jonathan Heusman

Excellent detailed training videos + slides I am recommending to my small select yet high margin Affiliate Marketing Group as a great reference to build their funnels

Darren Scott Monroe

This course is absolutely awesome! Adam did a fantastic job laying out a system that will WORK, and making it step-by-step so anyone can follow it. Outstanding!

Russ Ruffino

The Affiliate Funnel is a comprehensive course that reveals how to setup profitable funnels, which are the cornerstone of nearly any successful online business. Adam has easy to follow, step-by-step training that covers: -How to find the right market and product -How to setup a funnel that converts -Simple tweaks for more profits -And much more Fantastic and much needed training that can boost your online income!

Amy Harrop

Here’s Why This Works So Well

As I’m sure you know, the biggest reason most people fail at making money online is because there are just too many obstacles. You have to be an expert in your field, you have to be a great writer, you have to understand marketing, you have to be technician, a website designer….the list goes on! The number of tasks you need to be great at before you can even make your first dollar is absurd!

Now let’s think about this for a second. Let’s compare this to a real world scenario. If you wanted a new bookshelf for your office. Would you go out to the forest, cut down a tree and build a bookshelf?

Or would you go to Ikea, buy one for $50 and get a $2 hotdog on the way out?

Just because you can go out to the forest, cut down a tree & build your bookshelf. It doesn’t mean you should! And building an online business is no different. There’s no sense in starting from scratch when you can leverage the expertise of others!

Especially when you can get paid big bucks in the process…


The Affiliate Funnel takes the complicated, difficult process of building a sales funnel and makes it so simple anybody can do it. The course walks you through 10 video modules where you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel that will generate sale after sale for you, every day, whether you’re working or not. Set it & forget it.

And just like the bookcase example, we’re not doing anything from scratch! You’ll be filling your entire funnel with content and products created by other people. You’ll have all the benefits of a sales funnel, without any of the headaches!

And here’s the best part… just like Ikea bookcase. If you follow the directions, this will only take you a few hours to set up!

Here’s Everything you’ll learn in Affiliate Funnel

Module 1  -  Sales Funnel Rewards

Module 1 sets you on the path to success where you’ll see how a sales funnel should be set up. You’ll learn about the two different kinds of sales funnels (and why only one will make you money right away). As well as how promoting affiliate products can save you time, make you more money and increase your chances of success dramatically.

Module 2  -  Importance Of Analytics

You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a map. Running an online business is no different. In this video you’ll learn about all the important numbers for your sales funnel, why analytics matter and how the little discussed “break-even-point” can skyrocket your income in less than a month!

Module 3  -  Market Selection Mastery

Picking the right market for your funnel is crucial. Pick the right market & you’ll make money right away. Pick the wrong market & you might never make a dollar. This module will give you the tools & know-how to pick winning markets based on the passion or problem approach, market size, urgency and why it’s always important to promote evergreen products.

Module 4  - The Perfect Promotion

In this video you’ll learn about perfect promotions. We’ll go over the secret to a rock solid income stream and show you how to promote high ticket items to make $100’s per sale! You’ll learn a credibility hack to build your reputation overnight and we’ll go over the top list of affiliate networks in detail, so you know exactly where to find the best products to recommend in your affiliate funnel. 
Bonus Content - Top Affiliate Networks Breakdown

Module 5  - Content Curation 101

After going through Module 5 you’ll know the secret to finding & sharing content your subscribers can’t get enough of! They’ll print it out. They’ll put it on their fridge & send it to their friends! And best of all - you won’t have to create any of it! You’ll learn the advantages of shared content over created content and even how to use contests & give-aways to make sure your subscribers stay in your funnel forever!

Module 6  - Squeeze Page Mastery

The single point of contact that all your traffic will be going to. In Module 6, I’ll share some of my best kept opt-in page secrets. You’ll learn about market-message-match, as well as the special purpose behind a squeeze page. We’ll cover best practices for headlines, sub headlines, button copy, backgrounds and giveaways. At the end of this module you’ll be able to set up a “mini-money-machine” that can start generating cash for you in less than 2 days from now!

Module 7  - Email Marketing Mastery

In this email marketing module you'll learn about a marketing campaign so effective it can cause every subscriber on your list to reply right away!  I’ll share with you an incredible tactic that gets e-mail’s opened almost every time (hint: Barack Obama does this) and I’ll show you how to have a real conversation with 1000+ people at a time. We’ll go over the “Content Promotion Sandwich” and I’ll share with you how often (and when) you should be e-mailing your subscribers.

Module 8  - Funnel Assembly 101

In module 8 we get down to brass tacks. You’ve assembled all your great content. You have a list of promotions you want to send out. Now it’s time to put it all together. In this module you’ll learn the secrets to putting together a great sales funnel. We’ll talk about the right tools for the job & go over the benefits of each. Bonus Content - Affiliate Funnel Blueprint

Module 9  - How To Track For Success

Turn blind luck and guess work into calculated, scientific progress! You’ll learn how to set up tracking so you know exactly where your sales are coming from. You’ll be able to dig up lots of data, including what country your customers are from, what convinced them to buy, what day of the week… heck even what time of day they’re most likely to purchase. Using the tools I’ll share with you in Module 9 you’ll always know exactly what to do to improve your funnel & make more money. This is your business road map!

Module 10  - Traffic Sources 101

Where would a sales funnel be without traffic! In module 10 you’ll learn why not all traffic is created equal. Why there’s no such thing as “free traffic” and why you should always step in front of a traffic stream instead of creating one yourself! You’ll learn the difference between quality traffic & bad traffic and we’ll do a breakdown of a bunch of different traffic sources and their benefits - including: Social media, guest blogging, media buys, promotion negotiation, forums, hustling and Facebook.

That’s 10, easy, step-by-step videos that will walk you through the entire process. By the end of these short, action-oriented videos you’ll have your Affiliate Funnel up and running and ready to start making you money.

And if while you’re setting this up you have a question, just reach out and ask! We have a dedicated support desk set up and someone to help you around the clock. This is a very simple, very effective business model but even still - If you have questions they will get answered.

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Wishing you nothing but success
– Adam Nolan

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